The Truth

I have not realised how the time has flown since my last news update. I feel a little guilty that the news update for June is missing.

The truth is I can’t possibly paint nonstop!
The truth is I haven’t bean busy in my studio for at least a year!
The truth is I am not quite sure if all of my colours haven’t dried up! - That's true, because it is here in Hervey Bay hot. Even in winter it is warm and you always need to protect your self with sun block.

Painting for me is a reaction and process combined only with feelings and emotions. Painting is what I experience. Is something not right……Bang! ……and I have landed on another level. If it is monotone, empty and my soul is not fed, then the movement is missing.

Movement is life!

Isn’t it?
To be honest life for all people has 24 hours in a day. Everything is relative! One can look at life as difficult and complicated, but one can also look at life as easy and simple.

It always surprises me when I walk on the beach and people greet me and ask me if my holidays and travels in Australia have been nice. I live here together with my family for nearly three years and we are not tourist anymore. We experience our life just like all others with our responsibilities like work, school and kindergarten. Deep inside of me I ask my self, where do I belong?  Which county do I belong? I have accomplished some very important things such as receiving a driving licence and becoming an Australian citizen, but….I am seen as a touristic and travelling Lydia.

The truth is that we have seen experienced everything possible here in Hervey Bay. We are organising to travel once again. It will be quite big and brave, but done very simple. I will together with my husband and 2 children travel across this large continent-Australia starting at the end of this year. Our children will develop further through the School of Distance Education. This time it will mean not to pack our bags and suitcases, but take our camper trailer with us.

Is it not a little crazy!
I am excited and can’t wait!
My blood is boiling!

But wait!
It doesn’t mean that my web site will be lame. During our travels I will be keeping a journal and keep you up to date with our experiences.

A very exciting time is awaiting and my news and galleries will keep you in touch!


Photo Image: "One Journey - 1" by Lydia van den Berg - Zürich, Switzerland - 1997


31 July 2009, Hervey Bay - Australia
Lydia van den Berg