Made with Respect - Development process

“Made with Respect” has totally overwhelmed me!

Initially I underestimated how gigantic this project would be. My interest has been aroused to undertake this crazy trip around the world.  My studio is completely filled to the brim with new canvasses and acrylic paint.

I have already worked many hours until exhaustion and in a short time have created new paintings which have become very meaningful for me. My only break was when I was waiting for new canvasses to be delivered. I am completely excited with my journey and have forgotten that there is a real world outside.

I have visited continents, countries, villages, territories and islands. Some places I know quite well and have a relationship with. Other places I have not yet visited but have taken them to my heart and wish them to be a part of my journey.

“Made with Respect” presents and sensibilises that not only great famous buildings and cities are meaningful and remarkable but also that there are many places which have their own qualities to offer.

My unforgettable journey around this Magnificent World has a beginning but not a real ending!


Photo Image: “Magnificent World” by Lydia van den Berg, Acrylics on Canvas, 100x80 cm, Uster - Switzerland, 2011


1 August 2011, Uster - Switzerland

Lydia van den Berg