I can’t believe the news today.
I can’t close my eyes to make it go away.
I can’t tell you let it go.
Can you throw your life away?

Black Saturday I see on the news.
Black and more black. Friends living in Victoria, Melbourne tell us the ashes are everywhere - in the air, in the garden, in the house. There is a heavy smell!
In the  south there is fire and in the north there is water - lots of water. I stand in the middle and if I had to choose what would it be?

I can’t believe the news today.
I can’t tell you to let go.
I live on a safe highway.
I am sorry for the news today! 


Photo Image: "Search the Form - 1" by Lydia van den Berg - Zürich, Switzerland - 1995


13 February 2009, Hervey Bay - Australia

Lydia van den Berg