A New Step

A reception for an artist is combined with passion. This is the moment when for the first time a collection of new images are presented to the general public. Sometimes it is surprising how the audience responds.

My exhibition in Zürich-Höngg was an unforgettable presentation of my art which I have up until now not have experienced before. On the evening of my reception when I entered the gallery I felt a lovely peace and harmony throughout my being. With my lightened images one could see every detail which I have painted. At the time I couldn’t explain how I felt. On the premises one could only feel good, mix and communicate together with fellow art lovers.

The evening of my finishing reception is difficult to describe. A lovely atmosphere was in the air. I was expelled with joy as I noticed how the exhibition was filled with an audience interested in my art works. It was an evening for me and at the same time it made me sad when the evening came to an end. The images will be taken down which will open my heart for other exhibitions.

The reactions are that I can paint well, very well, that my images are beautiful, and that I am a real artist. To be honest these statements and complements I soaked up with pride and it gave me a good feeling, but at the same time I still could not feel adequate as an artist. For all these years I have doubted my ability to be a real Artist. For both evenings I was confronted with people who showed a real interest in my art, asked me questions and were happy to have made their acquaintance with me.
Fort the first time I have felt the acceptance and acknowledgement which every artist is searching for. For me that is more than enough!  As Neil Armstrong said when he took his first step on the moon, ”A small step for man but a huge step for mankind,” describes how I feel now.

I would like to thank all the people who have taken their time to support me. I thank my husband Henry and my two children Aaron and Lauren. A very special thank you goes to René Grob. I appreciate him inviting me to take part in an exhibition in the heart of Zürich.  Renè has given me the opportunity to showcase my paintings. I would like to wish René lots of success with his newly founded society supporting artist.

I feel complete just like I held my newly born child for the first time in my arms, “Lydia this is for you!”


Lydia van den Berg

Photo Image: “The reception – a new Step” September 2013, Zürich-Höngg, Switzerland

27 November 2013, Uster - Schweiz