A Letter for you

Dear Mum

I feel as though that I can read the future!
Can you imagine that your child, your daughter has the powers to see into the future? To be honest it comes easy to me.

Do you remember years ago when we shared the same bedroom and we were unable to sleep. Outside it was very dark, late and the heat was unbearable we could only perspire and speak together all through the night.

I am now still perspiring, but far away from you on a lonely island.

Sometimes I walk on the beach, feel the suns heat on my back and let the wind blow through my hair. I walk, walk and walk - 10,12,14 Kilometres. I don’t feel my feet anymore. I feel no pain. I see your face and as I have said I see the future. I see you shake your head and you ask yourself why I need to walk.
I want to perspire, mum!  I want to feel the old times together with you!

Please don’t worry!
I see the future and I can see clearly that there is a long road in front of me. I see my feet walking and please do not ask how many kilometres I will walk!
Do not forget that walking makes me strong and cleanses my soul!

I give you a big hug and think of you when I walk!

Your daughter


Photo Image: "The Black Sea and ME" - Bulgaria - 1978


5 April 2009, Hervey Bay - Australia

Lydia van den Berg