Short News with a long Journey

It pleases me when I can make people happy!

The Alcohol has been a hot topic in my life. In a number of art images you can sense this chapter in my past.

Often I think before an art object has been created it already has found the place where it belongs.
I see this as an event and I'm not looking for a detailed clarification but see a greater meaning. This is important for me to achieve my personal potential and development. With my positive thoughts and believes I realize that everything in life has its own reason. The Images “Life - 1, 2, 3, and 4” means a lot to me and they have a very special destiny.

Today the paintings have found their home in the lobby of the Betty Ford Center Children’s program reception area - The Daniels Children’s Pavilion, California, United States. 

I hereby would like to thank John Boop and his lovely team for our collaboration in making it possible for these art works to be enjoyed by many visiting the Betty Ford Center.


Photo Image: "LIFE 1,2,3,4"– 4x 24”x32”, Acrylics on French Paper BFK Rives on Board, 2008


22 June 2011, Uster – Switzerland

Lydia van den Berg