Last Days

Hervey Bay our last days ...

Living for 2 ½ years in Hervey Bay, Queensland was for us an enormous experience. We have seen, experienced and learnt a lot. I would describe our time here as being a prep year in an Australian school.

Beautiful weather, sugar cane, palm trees is nice to see but everything in doses. People move from Victoria to Queensland because of the nice moderate climate, but does the weather make you happy?  Sweet sun ripened pineapples taste fantastic and it is worth it to try and experience the intensive taste, but always to eat pineapples would become boring and will not always fill your tummy. 

Today is Wednesday!

Today is the last day before our journey commences in which I have 5 hours to myself. I have decided naturally to walk on the beach of Hervey Bay. On my normal route in which hundreds of kilometers lay behind me. Where sometime I have shed a tear and sometime where I only could laugh, but always it has been the route where I can feel free like a bird flying against the wind. It was my time, my time to think. Today is Wednesday and the start for a new important chapter of my life.

I have mixed feelings!
I am so happy I can’t stop crying!
I have my ups and downs. A lot of feelings have been awoken like a beer coming out of hibernation.  My studio is packed in boxes. The house is packed in my studio high to the ceiling. The house is empty!
We are now happy to depart and look forward for something new. A special feeling is now not to belong anywhere.
As planned we began our journey on the 5th of October 2009.
We’re planning for a year. During the travels we will be looking for work. I feel the lust for painting is growing again. The children will be schooled by distance education. The camper trailer is our new home.

Stay with us if you are interested to know where we are and what we are doing. It is very easy just click on “News” on my web-site.

For feedback just write an e-mail.
Orders for my reproductions and paintings will despite our travels be possible.


Photo Image: "Hervey Bay's Ghost Hill" - Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia - 2009


30 September 2009, Hervey Bay - Australia
Lydia van den Berg