It’s been a long time now since I have written an article. At the moment I am practicing my second profession. With happiness and passion, as I have done with painting I am investing my time to support people in their daily routines. Working as a social support worker fills an area which my Art could not give me. Many empty moments searching for as an Artist are now simply fore filled by others. For me everything is just right!
Often I have reported in my articles that every painting which I have painted as though it is my last which would be created in my lifetime. I am conscious that it is not possible for me to paint on demand. My art has often been influenced and moved by uncertainties with constant ups and downs. I know I cannot paint on a daily basis even though I am an Artist by profession.
Today I see things with an open mind and feel simply free!

Warm regards,
Lydia van den Berg

Photo Image: “The End” by Lydia van den Berg
9 September 2014, Uster, Switzerland