New Face Lift

My web-site has a new face lift. It is as I am when working in my studio - full with power. In one day I have attempted to photograph all of my life time images. What a crazy thought to think this is possible! I was tiered and exhausted of working and I asked myself: “Have I ever done anything else but paint images?”  I have strolled back to the past, tasted and felt my school years, the life in Bulgaria, Switzerland and my start in Australia.

What do I want to show?


Good question, perhaps it’s my biography, my past and my life history, or just to show that I have been constantly in movement in a never ending search, a search through development in the form of lines and colours. A search for a nice and perfect life with the never ending question, “Could I ever one day reach my goals, which I have set for myself?”




Photo Image: "Reach your Goals" by Aaron van den Berg - Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia - 2008



7 February 2009, Hervey Bay – Australia

Lydia van den Berg