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LYDIA VAN DEN BERG was born in 1974 in Pleven, Bulgaria. When she was 7 years old she lost her father. Because of poverty and the fight for everyday life this was a very difficult and demanding time for Lydia and her mother. Lydia's idol was her older brother Dinko from whom she gained her strength.

Lydia had only one wish and that was to study art as her brother did.
When she was 14 Lydia left home to begin her studies in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. Soon after her graduation at the school for applied arts in Sofia, Lydia migrated to Switzerland.

Lydia travelled extensively in Northern Africa and Europe finding inspiration along the way. She was fascinated and inspired by the people from different cultures which she visited. On all of Lydia's travels she noticed that all cultures find their survival and safety within the boundaries of their home. This inspired Lydia and is reflected in her art. Lydia's experiences were first translated into abstract images. Since then she experimented with many different techniques to find her preferred medium which is Acrylics on Paper, Papier-mâché and Encaustics (bee wax on wood).

Lydia married for a second time in January 2003 and lived in Switzerland before migrating together with her family to Australia in 2007.
Since Lydia became a mother of two children she specialized and focused her creative style on "Magical - Poetic - Realism". She is inspired and fascinated by the gradual transition from being a child to becoming an adult. Lydia's works reflect everyday life which can be understood by children and adults alike.

After living in Australia for three and a half years Lydia realized that her roots were in Europe. During her last six months in Australia she, together with her family, travelled around that huge continent. In 2010 they ended their adventures with a trip around Europe.
Today Lydia is living and working as an artist near Zurich - Switzerland.

PUBLISHED BY  Catalogue Vivid Arts Network - New York, United States, February 2012

CURATED BY      Viviana Puello

PHOTO IMAGE   “Piece of String Two”” by Lydia van den Berg, Acrylic on Canvas 32”x 40”, 2011