...I can swim!

Many thousands of people have in different ways written and spoken, painted and photographed America - New York - Manhattan. I know that the sights and emotions of my experience have been discussed before, but despite that I feel that my experience was unique and a memory I will treasure.

I remember when I first learnt about Agora Gallery. I was intensively surfing the web looking for a potential business that might be interested in integrating my art into their products. I came across the Agora website, and instantly felt at home. I was interested to read about the various artists, to view their images and learn about their concepts and motivations, as well as find out about Agora’s staff. My first and constant impression was and is positive, very positive. I am really impressed with the way in which Agora Gallery presents the artists it represents.

Without giving it much thought I presented myself to the gallery. I felt like a small fish that had dived into the huge unknown ocean. I was unsure if I could even swim. What happened was an amazing experience which has opened a new page in my personal biography. I would like to thank Angela Di Bello and her lovely team for their professional support.

I have asked myself what a successful exhibition means. I believe success is not reflected by the red marker representing “Sold,” although that is something to value. The biggest achievement for me is when the audience is not bored, when they take their time to appreciate and understand my art.

My solo exhibition was just like this! The atmosphere of Chelsea, the wonderful art district of New York, encourages people to engage with what they are seeing, to really appreciate the art in the galleries there.

My first trip to New York was made up of unforgettable moments and memories which will stay with me. Arriving at the airport, it was as though I had landed in a movie. I was like a film star and joined with so many others – together, we are all a part of the movie.

It is unique feeling and can only be experienced here in New York by someone willing to jump right in. The question is, “Do you want to have a part in the play?”

To my surprise I didn’t concentrate on the travel books and museums; I was totally fascinated by the diversity of all the different people and their expressions. Back at home I was pleased to have the opportunity to view this film from a distance. I find that the photos I took in New York seem almost unreal… I can’t believe that I have only recently returned from that remarkable, unbelievable city!

I am happy that I have jumped into the water and I now know I can swim!

PUBLISHED BY ARTisSpectrum Magazine – Chelsea, Manhattan, New York, United States, November 2011  

PHOTO IMAGE “New York Sub-Way, Me and my first Ice Coffee” by Lydia van den Berg, New York, United States, 2011