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For years I searched for my "Me" and my personality. I experimented for a long time with abstract art, and familiarized myself with various techniques such as oil on canvas, papier-mâché, encaustics, watercolors and acrylics on paper, even working for a while in a goldsmith’s studio. My development and constant search for that "something" has brought me to where I am now. My "Magical-Poetic-Realism" style has been a long journey, reflecting my own personal journey. I began to develop it in the early 90’s but only identified myself through it in 2003. When I was pregnant with my first child I wanted to decorate their room with child-friendly art. Yet after a long search I had still not found anything appropriate. My husband laughed and said, “Why don’t you paint something yourself?” I did, and I am thankful. Today "Magical-Poetic-Realism" has become my style, the trademark through which Lydia van den Berg can tell her story.

Lydia van den Berg lives and works near Zurich, Switzerland.

NoBoundaries:Lydia van den Berg/a solo exhibition


Invitation to Lydia van den Berg's exhibition
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PUBLISHED BY      Artist Page by Agora Gallery, 2010

WRITEN BY          Agora Fine Art Gallery and Team – Chelsea, Manhattan, New York, United States

PHOTO IMAGE       Come Together – 2x 12”x 17”, Acrylics on French Paper BFK Rives, Solo Exhibition AGORA Gallery “No Boundaries”, Manhattan, 2011