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My name is Lydia van den Berg. I am an artist. My personal biography has been up until now a very dynamic and intensive one.  My nomadic life style allows me to travel without routes. I am free without any examples or schedule; I feel something magical within which allows me to be open for new adventures without any boundaries. It is a feeling that takes me to the edges of the gigantic ocean. My art is a pure reflection of my persona.

I have always created art, all through my life. In fact it is difficult for me not to be creative during the day. I always imagined that once I had a family with children, everything would normalize, but this is not the case. I see so many interesting and exciting things and art is the only medium in which I can truly express my thoughts and views. My development and constant search for that "Something" has brought me to where I am now.

Developing my "Magical-Poetic-Realism" style has been a long journey, reflecting my own personal journey. I began to develop it in the early 90’s but only identified myself through it in 2003.
When I was pregnant with my first child I wanted to decorate the children's room with child-friendly art. Yet after a long search I still had not found anything appropriate. My husband laughed and said, “Why don’t you paint something yourself?” I did and I am thankful.

Today "Magical-Poetic-Realism" has become my style, the trademark through which Lydia van den Berg can tell her story.

I can’t stop painting!
It is true! When I am in my studio working I say to myself: “When this project is completed, then I will have a break," but I can’t stop painting. I feel just happy when I touch the colors and enjoy the feeling of the brush smoothly gliding over the paper to leave a permanent colored image.
My life is intense and exciting and I feel that there is so much to tell.

PUBLISHED BY   ARTTOUR International Magazine and Vivid Arts Network - New York, United States, February 2012

CURATED BY     Viviana Puello

PHOTO IMAGE   “Piece of String One”” by Lydia van den Berg, Acrylic on Canvas 32”x 40”, 2011