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FUATURED ARTIST – VOLUME III - Collectible international art book


Lydia shows in her pictures the cheerful world as discovered and imagined by children. The artist, however, uses her training and professionally applied method of portrayal to compose a world, something a child would never be able to do.

The obvious artistic skill distinguishes her work from na?ve paintings. These often prefer a simplified presentation of farm and country scenes executed as faithful copies.

Lydia’s style can best be described as “Magical-Poetic-Realism”. Shown are always elements of the real world like, houses, trees, paddocks, clouds, flowers and animals; however, they are presented and fantasy.

Often they are arranged like ornaments. The magic of imagination always dominates, for example by ignoring the classic perspective of space. The objects are dispersed over the whole picture in order to follow the laws of aesthetic, like harmony of colour and intensity, and balancing the composition of geometrical forms.

The artist always tells stories in pictures. And as in fairy tales, they do not only refer to the world of children but also to adults. This is achieved through the artist’s perfect painting technique.

In these works we witness an artist who follows her path unconventionally and consistently. Her future creative development will certainly produce further new means of representations and expressions.

One only has to be able to read the story!

Featured Artists - Volume III
Collectible international art book
Museum quality printing
Estimated Release Date: November 2011
DIMENSIONS: 21x29 cm - 8.2X11.4 in
Inclusions by selection only
"Featured Artists" is a series of art books. We offer artists a new and effective way of introducing their work to a considerable international audience of art professionals. “Featured Artists” presents either two or three dimensional media.

PUBLISHED BY     Mediaplan Publisching, 2011

WRITEN BY          Modern Art Community and Featured Artist Team – Winchester, United States

PHOTO IMAGE      Storm, 25”x 36”, Acrylics on French Paper BFK Rives, 2008